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Cross Border Litigation,
Claims and Business Transactions

In an increasingly globalised world, MB.O offers services as a modern and truly international law firm.

Our  lawyers have significant level of experience in International law, European Union law and Comparative law.

MB.O has an established network of international law firms worldwide and regularly advises on cross-border contentious and non-contentious matters, including class and collective actions in overseas jurisdictions or on behalf of foreign claimants in Italian courts.

Marco Bona, senior partner at MB.O, is a recognised expert on liability and insurance law, and regularly advises foreign clients. He has previously been appointed as witness expert in judicial proceedings in England.

Since 2012 MB.O with Leon M. Pacini, who is a member of the New York State Bar (USA) and admitted to practice as a solicitor in England and Wales (UK), has worked as a consultant to MB.O on cross-border matters.

Our lawyers have substantial experience in cross-border matters, particularly in the following practice areas:

Contractual/tortious liability and compensation for damages:

      • personal injuries and fatal accidents suffered in Italy by non-residents
      • claims in Italian courts on behalf of international clients against Italian and/or foreign defendants for events occurred abroad
      • claims in foreign jurisdictions against foreign/Italian defendants on behalf of Italian plaintiffs

Insurance law:

      • claims in Italian courts on behalf of international clients, enterprises and insurance companies related to insurance issues
      • advice to international clients on Italian insurance law

European Union law:

      • proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights
      • damages suffered by Italian and/or international clients due to a breach of EU Directives by the Italian Government

Employment law:

      • advice on all issues under Italian employment law
      • representation of international employers, employees and workers in court proceedings in Italy

Intellectual property and unfair competition:

      • advice on Italian intellectual property law
      • representation of international companies in disputes concerning patent and trademark infringements, intellectual property and unfair competition

Real estate law:

      • advice  to international clients in connection with the purchase or sale of properties in Italy
      • advice to Italian clients in connection with the purchase of sale of properties in England
      • advice to Italian and international clients on real estate finance


MB.O can also rely on an extensive network of international law firms and independent consultants in all of these practice areas.