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Liability, compensation for damages
and insurance law

Italian personal injury compensation system is particularly favorable to plaintiffs, especially in case of serious injuries and fatal accidents.

MB.O law firm has extensive experience and broad knowledge in assisting foreign plaintiffs who have been injured in Italy or, regardless of where an accident occurred or the victim’s residence, are entitled to file a claim for damages against Italian defendants.

We have successfully pursued many claims acting on behalf foreign claimants and have first-hand knowledge of the issues that may arise in the event of international personal injury.

Marco Bona, who leads our personal injury practice is internationally acknowledged as a leading author and lawyer expert in personal injury law, cross-border accidents and European tort/consumer law. His team has successfully claimed compensation on behalf of foreign individuals and families involved in a wide range of accidents, including road traffic accidents, skiing accidents, virus outbreaks (in particular salmonella and Legionnaire diseases) and maritime disasters (Costa Concordia).

Marco Bona and his team have successfully represented plaintiffs in major accidents in Italy and abroad, including as plane crashes, railways disasters (Viareggio, Val Venosta) and maritime accidents. Marco is one of the leading members of an International team of lawyers representing more than 150 Egyptian families of the victims of the ferry disaster occurred in 2006 at the Red Sea (the “Al Salam Boccaccio ‘98” ferry disaster) in court proceedings in Italy and Egypt. He was involved in the class actions before U.S. courts by Italian haemophiliacs who contracted HIV from contaminated blood-products.      

We regularly work with international law firms in connection with accidents occurred in Italy by providing pre-litigation advice and in court proceedings throughout Italy. We can represent clients in criminal proceedings in Italy and can assistance with evidence gathering, including requesting documents and, information from hospitals and local police forces. In the past, Marco Bona has been appointed as witness expert in judicial proceedings in England.

Our lawyers can advise on conflicts of laws and conflicts of jurisdiction issues, and determine whether a claim should be pursued under Italian law and/or in front of Italian courts, or in another jurisdiction, in each case by providing specialist advice to our clients.

We also advise foreign insurance companies in connection with claims in Italy.


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