Civil/criminal liability and damage compensation

Whoever suffered from a damage for someone else’s fault has the right to a full compensation for patrimonial and non-patrimonial prejudice.

It is nonetheless not easy to be compensated. It is necessary to prove facts and damages; those who need to pay can deny any responsibility and try to pay as few as they can.

To obtain a fair payment of compensation, the assistance from prepared lawyers is fundamental. MB.O Law has a team of lawyers who have been accompanying the damaged for years, helping them identifying the responsibilities, understanding their rights and obtaining a fair compensation.

We assist consumers and entreprises which are denied, by the insurance, benefits provided for by the policies.

We have developed experience and know-how to face every type of damage, from the more modest to the most serious, both in Italy and abroad, without borders.

How does the team operate?

  • We provide specialised and personalised consultations.
  • We give all the advice necessary to provide documentary evidence against prejudice.
  • From the start, we conduct in-depth analysis on the concerned responsibilities or on the policy conditions.
  • We make every decision by discussing with the clients, informing them on their rights.

We are daily updated on the most recent jurisprudential  and legislative news, in Italy, in Europe and in the world, offering up-to-dated solutions and strategies to our clients.