Our firm is located in Turin, in an informal and modern environment.

We operate on all of our national territory. We are used to confronting each local reality. We deal with controversies in every region, where we avail ourselves of law firms and consultants that we personally know.

MB.O Law has a strong international vocation and can offer its clients legal advice from abroad, directly and through a network of professionals of consolidated reliability. We provide law firms and international entreprises with consultation on both Italian and European Union law.

The firm lawyers take part in different international networks’ activities, such as Legal Abroad, Global Justice Network and Pan-European Organization of Personal Injury Lawyers.

MB.O Law pays particular attention to the person.

Our method consists in treating our client individually, never neglecting the personal aspects of our cases, providing the most precise informations, evaluating together the most important decisions, allowing informed choices.

Our firm values transparency and clarity of the contractual relationship with our clients: we therefore base our relationship on personalised written accords, offering quotes tailored on the case and on the client’s means. We guarantee a constant update of the practice costs.

All our clients are treated by at least a partner and an associate. They are guaranteed by an adequate insurance policy for the professional responsibility of our firm.

MB.O shares its facility with the colleagues Calabrese, Bocchino and Todaro of the law firm CBT, thus offering a wider range of services in the different branches of law.