Cross Border Litigation

Since its establishment, MB.O Law Firm have invested in the internationalization of its services.

Our professionals have pursued the study of International Law, especially the systems of common law. The firm avails itself of the collaboration of London-based barrister Philip Mead, and Lawyer Marco Bona has developed consistent experience as a witness expert in many trials in UK.

MB.O Law Firm have taken part in the constitution of the Global Justice Network international network, which specializes in large-scale cross-border disputes, for the protection of the victims of air, naval and environmental disasters.

Together with the colleagues from the French-Spanish law firm BCV, based in Madrid and Bordeaux, and the Greek, Athens-based firm Pavlakis Moschos, MB.O have created LegalAbroad, a European platform which specializes in international dispute with regards to personal damages.

The skills we have developed along with the relationships built with law firms from all Europe and the USA, allow us to assist both Italian clients involved in legal issues abroad, and foreign ones who are in need of legal assistance on the Italian territory.


Some of the topics most frequently dealt with by us in trans-national contexts:


Civil liability and Compensation

  • Personal damages suffered by foreigners in Italy
  • Assistance to foreigners for actions in Italy against Italian perpetrators of facts or breaches occurred abroad
  • Lawsuits for compensation regarding Italians overseas against foreign perpetrators
  • Protection in Italy for Italians regarding facts occurred abroad


Labour Law

  • Counselling upon Italian Law and assistance in pending trials in Italy, in favour of foreign companies and workers
  • Assistance to Italian workers for events occurred abroad, such as dismissals and workplace accidents
  • Advice in the field of posting of workers abroad and from abroad
  • Advice to Italian Companies on international agency contracts and assistance in case of dispute