On 29 and 30 September 2023, the Annual Conference of the Pan-European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL) was held in Dublin (Ireland), and it was attended by MB.O Law Firm lawyers Marco  Bona,  Umberto Oliva  and Giulia Oberto.

Colleagues from 24 jurisdictions, both European and non-European, attended the conference, which dealt with a lot of very interesting topics on cross border issues.

Marco Bona was a speaker at the conference, deepening the topic of “Liability for defective products and AI system” as well as illustrating the position paper on “Artificial Intelligence: liability, compensation and insurance for personal injury and death damages. Protection of victims in the EU“, drafted by PEOPIL’s Tort Reform Group, of which lawyer Bona is coordinator together with colleagues Mark Harvey and Miquel Martìn-Casals, which will be presented at the European Parliament.

With the position paper PEOPIL aims to get higher standards of protection in the field of artificial intelligence, strict liability rules and reversals of the burden of proof, no caps on compensation, mandatory insurances for high-risks cases, national funds in relation to specific cases and no absolute time limits.

For its work in drafting this position paper, PEOPIL’s Tort Reform Group was honoured in Dublin with the “PEOPIL Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year Award 2023” for its scientific and professional contribution to the drafting of the paper.

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